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Pharmacies and medical stores

Kiki Wall

Interactive board with touchscreen monitor


Kiki Wall: the simplest way to turn your Pharmacy into a pleasant place for the children.

We are often accompanied by our children while we do the shopping and it may occur that they sometimes get bored and annoyed.


Here comes into play our Kiki Wall, offering them a pleasant and entertaining occupation while you and the pharmacist can concentrate on your business.

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Builds customer loyalty

The Kiki becomes one of the main reasons to return to your place.

A great idea in a small space

All you need to turn kids-friendly your pharmacy is an 80 cm spot.

Easy sanitation

Simply use an alcohol-based disinfectant or any other recommended one.

Kiki Wal is available for rent, meaning it will not become part of the assets of your company; you will only pay a monthly fee, fully deductible in the year in which the cost is incurred.

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